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Divorce Realty Guidance Tailored to Your Needs and Goals

“I personalized services to compassionately navigate you through the complexities of selling, buying, and dividing property during separation.”

Divorce Real Estate Specialist

“As someone who specializes in divorce real estate transactions, I have a deep understanding of the emotional and logistical complexities involved in these deals. I handle the legal and financial aspects discreetly and strategically, aiming to achieve the fairest outcome given the circumstances.”

Identifying New Housing Needs

“As someone who has been through a divorce, I understand how emotionally challenging and uncertain this transition can be. Selling a home, dividing assets, and finding new housing can feel overwhelming. That’s why I’m here. With my expertise in divorce real estate, I aim to be your trusted guide, providing support and clarity throughout the process. Let me help relieve your real estate burden, so you can start fresh with confidence.”

Valuing Properties

“Determining the accurate valuation for properties, such as the marital home, is a complex facet of divorce real estate transactions. My expertise lies in conducting a meticulous analysis of market data to establish an equitable figure. My goal is to ensure a fair division of assets, securing every dollar you rightfully deserve. You can have full confidence in the precision of the valuation, knowing that you are receiving your complete share of equity.”

Providing Mediation Support in Real Estate Transactions

“With my expertise in real estate matters, I collaborate closely with your legal team to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From reviewing contracts to navigating complex regulations, I am dedicated to making your real estate journey seamless and stress-free. Let’s work together to achieve your goals and maximize the success of your property transactions.”

Divorce Relocation Guidance

“You deserve someone who can expertly handle all the stressful details and smoothly guide you through the complex process of your next move. Let me be that reliable and experienced partner, providing you with personalized attention and extensive knowledge of the Las Vegas market. With my help, you can feel confident that your move will be seamless and worry-free.”

Listing and Selling Properties

“I’ve put together this really awesome network of top buyers, experienced agents, and reliable concierge service professionals. You know, connections that cover a wide range of industries. When we team up, you’ll have access to these amazing connections that can open doors to incredible opportunities and give you unmatched advantages. So, let’s work together and unlock the power of these networks!”

  • Home Appraisals


    Find out the value of your property in The Las Vegas Strip, Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, and Spring Valley! Our expert team provides a tailored Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) based on similar properties, considering factors like location, size, and market trends. Get a detailed evaluation and valuable insights into your property’s market value.

  • Buidling Lot Sales

    Home Lot Sales

    Exciting opportunity in Nevada real estate! Invest in prime properties, and build your dream home in this vibrant city. Don’t miss out on owning a piece of this thriving metropolis. Reach out today to learn more about exclusive building lot sales in Henderson, Summerlin, Spring Valley, and North Las Vegas!

  • Home Buyer

    First-Time Home Buyer Assistance

    Searching for your dream home in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas Spring Valley Nevada? Look no further! Our team of experts is here to ensure a seamless experience as you embark on your first-time home buying journey. Contact us today for a stress-free process and let us help you find the perfect place to call home!

  • Funished rental

    Furnished property rentals & sales

    Find beautifully furnished properties in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, and Spring Valley Nevada. Whether you need short-term accommodation or a long-term residence, our offerings are perfect for you. Enjoy a smooth move-in process and the comfort of your new home from day one. Contact us today to find your dream furnished property!

  • Title Records

    Assessing Current Property Ownership

    I specialize in analyzing the ownership structure of properties owned by divorcing couples. This entails identifying whether the property is jointly owned, owned by a single spouse, or held through alternative arrangements. This understanding is vital for efficient property management.

  • Find a new home

    Identifying New Housing Needs

    When clients transition from living together, Dr. Jan Duffy REALTOR can assist each spouse in discerning their unique housing requirements. This may encompass locating suitable rental properties or facilitating the purchase of new homes tailored to their budget and preferences.

  • Mediation

    Providing Mediation Support in Real Estate Transactons

    Dr. Jan Duffy, a skilled REALTOR, plays a crucial role as a neutral third party when couples going through a divorce need to sell a property together. They excel in facilitating discussions regarding pricing, terms of sale, and other important real estate-related decisions, ensuring a smooth and fair process for all parties involved.

  • Private Transaction

    Respecting Privacy and Confidentiality Real Estate Transactions

    In her role as a divorce real estate specialist, Dr. Jan Duffy, REALTOR, approaches transactions with a profound sense of sensitivity and discretion. Understanding that divorce is an emotionally charged and highly personal journey, she remains committed to providing her clients with the utmost care and support throughout the entire process.

  • Home Sale

    Divorce Home Sales

    Are you considering selling your home after a divorce? Allow me, as a professional realtor, to guide you through this challenging process. From providing expert advice to finding the perfect buyer, I am here to support you every step of the way. Contact me today for a hassle-free experience selling your home!

  • Loan Guidance

    Divorce Mortgage Guidance

    🏡 Seeking guidance on getting a mortgage during divorce? I’m here to help! 💼 Whether you’re purchasing, selling, or in need of expert advice, rely on my expertise as a realtor in Henderson. 🌟 Reach out to me today to discuss your real estate requirements! ✉️📞

  • Relocation Service

    Divorce Relocation Guidance

    Navigating a divorce can present unique challenges, particularly when it involves relocation. However, fret not! Allow me to serve as your trusted companion, guiding you through this transition and connecting you with an exceptional realtor in Henderson. Together, we will ensure a seamless move, making way for an exciting new chapter in your life.

  • Loan Refinancing

    Divorce Mortgage Refinancing

    Looking to refinance your mortgage after a divorce? With my expertise as a realtor in Henderson, I’ll expertly navigate the process to find the optimal solution for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional advice and unwavering support.

“I Can Guide You Confidently Through Selling Your Home During This Difficult Transition”

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