Meet the Dedicated Team Supporting Your Divorce Realty Needs

Our Goal Is Providing You With Compassionate, Seamless Guidance

Find Empathy and Expertise During Your Divorce

Helping clients through divorce is intensely personal work. I see them at their most vulnerable. My priority is always providing compassionate support and guidance tailored to each person’s needs.

With my background as a clinical psychologist, I understand the emotional upheaval divorce causes. I know how overwhelming the big financial decisions can be during this transitional time. My clients need someone who cares about them holistically – mind, body and spirit.

As a devoted REALTOR licensed in Nevada (S.0197614.LLC), I also have specialized expertise in areas like preparing a home for sale and determining fair asset division. I manage every practical detail discreetly so my clients can focus on self-care.

What matters most is being a trusted companion. I help my clients navigate both the emotional healing and practical steps needed to move forward positively. With great respect for their privacy in this difficult period, I aim to be the ally they need.

Many clients are referred to me by divorce attorneys who know I will treat them with empathy and discretion. I’m honored when clients say I helped give them the fresh start they needed.

If you’re facing the challenges of divorce, please reach out. I’ll listen with compassion and use my full expertise to guide you smoothly into your next chapter.

Meet the team

Melissa Schreiber

Transaction Coordinator

Meet Melissa Schreiber, a licensed REALTOR® with credentials (License# S.0182666), associated with Berkshire Hathaway HS NV Properties.

Kelly Murock-Boyle

Referring Real Estate Broker

Meet Kelly Murdock Boyle, a State of California Licensed Real Estate Broker (# 02012693), associated with Griffin Structures in Irvine CA.

Eugene Boyle

Real Estate Inside Sales Agent

Our Testimonials

“Throughout the emotional journey of selling my former marital home, Dr. Jan Duffy proved to be my unwavering rock of support. From skillful staging to expert negotiation and seamless closing, she astutely managed every aspect with unwavering sensitivity. I will forever be indebted to her for the strategic wisdom and genuine compassion she generously extended.” – Charlotte G., Las Vegas

“Dr. Duffy’s exceptional expertise and guidance ensured a fair and hassle-free division of real estate assets between my wife and me, even amid the turmoil of my divorce. With utmost care and unwavering dedication, she protected my interests, offering invaluable advice and unwavering support. Thanks to her, I can confidently set my sights on the future.” – Bud H., Henderson

“Dr. Jan Duffy was an absolute game-changer throughout my separation journey. Her invaluable guidance not only helped me navigate the sale of my home but also gave me the strategic edge to make informed decisions. With her expertise in the divorce process, she instilled in me a renewed sense of confidence and clarity. I can’t emphasize enough how highly I recommend her!” – Alice P., Summerlin

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