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A Divorce Realty Specialist Focused on Your Needs

I go beyond the role of a typical real estate agent to compassionately guide clients through major life transitions. My background in psychology means I understand the emotional toll divorce can take.

Now I apply those insights in a more rewarding way – to support you completely through real estate challenges during separation. From pricing marital homes advantageously to finding your perfect new start, I handle every detail with care.

My unwavering dedication isn’t about homes. It’s about serving you. I walk alongside you on the difficult journey, providing strength when you need it most. With my help, what seems impossible becomes possible.

  • Behind Dr. Duffy is an ensemble of proficient professionals. Together, we strive to empower you to reach your real estate ambitions. Melissa Schreiber, a licensed assistant and transaction coordinator, lends her professional credibility with BHHS Nevada Properties to our team’s success. Kelly Boyle, Dr. Duffy’s daughter-in-law, enriches our team with her wisdom and experience as a broker in California.

  • Our team is more than a collective; we’re a mission-driven unit that addresses your needs. When we decided to join forces, we envisioned a future filled with success stories of clients we’ve guided. This vision, coupled with Melissa’s foresight and Kelly’s unique insights into the changing dynamics of real estate, allows us to provide comprehensive support.

    Dr. Duffy encapsulates our mission: “Our purpose is to stand by you, offering the highest level of service in these challenging times. We’re devoted to divorce real estate because we recognize our capacity to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. Our goal is to stay afloat and lead in this changing environment. We are here to support, guide, and stand by you in all matters of divorce real estate.”

    Echoing our ethos, Dr. Duffy notes, “Our transactions aren’t merely about properties; they’re about managing the lives affected. We aim to make this transition as smooth and fair as possible, advocating consistently for your best interests.”

  • We are committed to providing unparalleled service that stands on the pillars of dedication, expertise, and empathy. We understand the emotional turmoil that divorce can bring, and the role of a sensitive yet firm real estate agent is essential during such times. By specializing in divorce real estate, we aim to guide you through the sale of your marital home efficiently and

Helping You Transition Forward During Life’s Changes

Estate trends come and go, but I’m here to stay – fully committed to you. I get it, Divorce encompasses far more than a mere transaction. Its implications reach beyond the surface, impacting lives and emotions on a profound level. With empathy and understanding, I’ll help you navigate the emotional and financial sides of splitting assets. Let’s make sure you get your fair share to start anew.

When it’s time to sell your marital home, consider me your ultimate ally. I’ll fight for the best outcome while protecting your well-being. Leave the details to me, so you can move on with strength and without stress.

Rest assured, I’m up to date with the latest real estate tech and market shifts. But above all, I’m committed to serving you through life’s changes. I genuinely care, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Experienced Support For a Seamless Home Sale During Your Separation

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